Diversity Psychology and Consulting

Looking for psychological and consulting services by clinicians trained in multiculturalism and diversity areas? See what we do and what sets us apart!

Counseling and Assessment

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  • Confidential & Personalized

    Treatments uniquely designed with you, for you only.

  • Collaborative and Strength-based

    Goals are established and achieved together by you and the therapist.

  • Culturally-sensitive and Celebratory

    All facets of diversity are explored (including but not limited to: age, culture, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religious beliefs)

  • Individual & couples psychotherapy

    For issues related to: mood, anxiety, identity development, cross-cultural or acculturation adjustments, intergenerational difficulties, and relational challenges.

  • Psycho-diagnostic testing

    Individual assessment tools to help you understand your situations and diagnoses.

  • Assessment, Recommendations, and Solutions

    For you and/or your business or organization on cultural diversity

  • Training workshops, Presentations, and Seminars

    Providing your business or organization relevant tools and current research on diversity

  • Mental health education

    Promoting greater awareness on mental health wellness that may increase productivity for you and your workplace

Consulting Services

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